Apeman is a Chinese brand that may not sound too much to you if you are about to acquire your first action camera, but Apeman is one of the most sold actions camera brands in stores like Amazon, mainly due to its excellent quality/price ratio, with authentic sales success models and hundreds of opinions.

When buying a camera, the first thing we look for is image quality and, without spending too much. With these two premises, the market offers a great variety of action cameras, but today we present the Apeman A80 4k sports camera, one of the best sellers to meet that precisely, an excellent quality/price ratio.

The APEMAN A80 is capable of capturing 4K video at 25fps and 20 MP pictures, with great quality. In addition, it comes with 2 batteries and one of the best accessory kits we have seen lately.

After seeing some great reviews by users that have bought this camera and owning one myself I’ve decided to review it and explain what is so special about this low-budget action camera. Is this camera worth buying? Will this camera suit best your style of videos you’re gonna record?

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The Apeman A80 is well built with good quality plastics and it has a black color, it looks similar to most action cameras. It feels pretty durable and with the waterproof case, it can go down up to 40m. Its dimensions are 5 x 4 x 2 cm and it weighs 77,1g.

On the front, we can see the lens, and a power button, to turning the camera on and off. On the upper side, there is the start recording button similar to most cameras, on the left side, there is a Micro-USB cable and the mini HDMI cable and the settings button and on the right side, and a microSD compartment slot.

The waterproof housing is made of a very durable material with IP68 certification. It can withstand up to 40 meters underwater. The Apeman works great for sports such as diving, surfing, swimming, and any other marine sport. It also includes a shockproof and unbreakable dust cover, which is highly recommended for outdoor sports.


The Apeman comes with 2 batteries with 1050 mAh and can record up to 120 minutes recording in 1080p and 60 minutes recording in 4K, you can save battery life without Wi-Fi and with the screen OFF.

The battery is situated at the bottom, where there is a cover that gives access to the battery. You can also always buy separate batteries for it and change them whenever the first one runs out.


The Apeman A80 can record at 4K in 25fps, with its 20 MPx sensor. It comes with an LCD 2″ TPS screen with 170º view.

The Apeman A80 incorporates the Sony sensor for higher video and image resolutions. chip so we can enjoy a better video recording. But in reality the Novatek 96660 processor is not compatible with 4k recording, so you actually get 2K recordings that are interpolated to 4K recordings.

The Apeman comes with Wi-Fi which is integrated with the camera, with the Wi-Fi you are able to share videos and pictures. This action camera covers most possible functions. For example, you can use car mode, program loop recording B, slow-motion recording, motion detection recording or it even has an immersion mode and more.

The manufacturer itself recommends the purchase of a class 10 microSD card, with a FAT32 file system, if you have problems finding an SD Card for your action camera check out this article.


The Apeman A80 comes with stabilization, it has an improved version of its predecessor and can better reflect all movements, reduce blur automatically during the recording process and provide a much clearer and smoother shooting effects at all times.

If you want to record with a very smooth and stable recording we recommend getting a gimbal. The gimbal is the ultimate stabilizer of cameras. So when you are recording a video, it will be perfectly smooth. You can easily move and record without having to worry that the footage obtained will not be stable.

Pros and Cons

It can take 20MP pictures Not good with low-light
Good priceNeeds a case for underwater
Decent stabilizationMediocre audio quality
Comes with many accessories 
Comes with different various settings 
Decent battery life 


As for the photography, the Apeman A80 can take pictures up to 20 megapixels, 16 Mp; 12 Mp, the quality is good and also taking into account that we have the possibility to change the ISO and the exposure time with some other settings, with patience we can work interesting images.

The Apeman also has the option of Time Lapse in Photo mode, something I greatly appreciate and the possibility of putting the resolutions of the pictures in 4:3 or 16:9 format.

It’s also capable of taking pictures in RAW format in or in JPEG format.


As for the video section, being a low-budget 4k sports camera, so we can not ask for much more than 24 fps. It’s capable to record up to 4K 24 frames per second, and it’s able to record for 120 minutes without interruption that is 2 hours. It also comes with some image stabilizer.

The video quality of the Apeman A80 is pretty good, it is crisp and clear with decent sharpness. The A80 is quite popular now, and it’s obvious why it offers good video quality and with a great quality-price.

The video resolutions of the Gitup Git2P are the following:

  • 4K – 24 fps (interpolation)
  • 2K – 30fps (interpolation)
  • 1080p – 60 fps

Should you buy it?

This is a great low-budget action camera but also with great quality on its pictures and videos. It can record up to 4K resolution which is a really good feature along with many other great features.

You can connect a remote control and a microphone which is great depending on what you want to do and how you want to record, for example, if you want to record a vlog. And it’s compatible with most accessories like all of the GoPro accessories.

its video quality added to that in total with its two batteries we will have 240 minutes of recording in 1080 and make it worth your purchase if you add that it has one of the best accessory kits and that it is also compatible with several apps. With the waterproof housing, it’s submersible up to 40m and that takes pictures of 20 MPx.

I definitely recommend getting this camera if you’re just getting started with action cameras or recording in general or if you’re upgrading from one that was worse but being a low-budget action camera don’t expect to have GoPro quality or high-end brand quality. If you wanna check some other action cameras, medium and high-end click here!

Apeman A80 (Amazon): https://amzn.to/3i4ExDI