Campark ACT74 Review

The Campark ACT 74 is a cheap 4k action camera with a Sony sensor and many very interesting features that we will see later in this review. Despite Campark being a Chinese brand, it has demonstrated that it has pretty decent quality, especially for its price. There are still many “white brands” action cameras from China that sell a lot, mainly for their very low price. But a lot of them have poor quality.

This low-budget sports camera can be bought for less than $50. It features 4K UHD resolution at 30 fps and can take pictures up to 16MP. Is this the most affordable action camera with a price-value?

Being one of the most sold action cameras we’ve decided to review it. Is this camera worth buying? Will this camera suit best your style of videos you’re gonna record, is it a good first action camera?

If you are looking for a good alternative to GoPro, not willing to spend a lot of money or just looking for your first action camera this Campark might be a good choice.

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Sony IMX17916MPx sensor
ChipsetAllWinner V3
Lens angle170º
Dimensions58 x 40 x 29 mm
Weight61 grams
Battery900 mAh
Video4K to 30fps – 1080p at 120fps
OthersWi-Fi, Screen 2 “

However, with AllWinner V3 chipset, we know for sure that they are using interpolated data because the maximum real quality that this chip would get would be 2k. Although for its price, the Campark ACT 74 maximum real video resolution is 1080p. In addition.


It is also capable of recording slow motion at 60fps, in 1080p and 90fps, at 720p, which is captured in.MP4 format and H.264 codec.

Here are some stats of the Campark ACT74

  • 4K (3840 x 2160) / 30fps (interpolated)
  • 2K (2688 x 1520) / 30fps
  • 1080P Full HD (1920 × 1080) / 60fps / 30fps
  • 720P (1280 × 720) / 90fps / 60fps / 30fps
Resultat d'imatges de campark ACT74


The Campark ACT 74 has low, almost mediocre quality of video and photos, we can see a lack of definition in the objects, and forced to offer some overexposed and oversaturated colors as much as possible.

The Campark ACT74 complies with the minimum functionalities that an action camera can be required for this price, it records underwater, it can do slow motion, and it has time-lapse mode and all the accessories to use the camera for sports activities.

However, the image quality is not as good as it should be despite being cheap; the sharpness is bad and the colors are either too dull or too saturated. The stabilization is not that good either and has a lot of movement, for example, riding it on a mountain bike is when you most notice the shake the most.


This camera is fine for its price but you should definitely consider checking some other action cameras first, for example, if you want a camera for the same price you can consider the Excelvan Q8 whose quality is a little better, or you should even consider paying a little more and buying the GitUp Git2P (Read review) which is a great budget action camera with which you get fantastic results.


The Campark Act74 doesn’t come with any image stabilization, we recommend to get a gimbal if you want to record with a very smooth and stable recording. The gimbal is the ultimate stabilizer of cameras. So when you are recording a video, it will be perfectly smooth. You can easily move and record without having to worry that the footage obtained will not be stable.


The Campark Act74 is well built with good quality plastics, and it has a black color, it looks similar to the Campark Act76. It feels pretty durable and with the waterproof case, it can go down up to 30m. Its dimensions are 24,6 x 11,8 x 7,2 cm and it weighs 49g.

On the front, we can see the lens. On the upper side, there is the start recording button similar to most cameras, on the left side, there are a microSD compartment slot and the settings button and on the right side, there is the Micro-USB cable and the mini HDMI cable.

It also comes with great packaging with all of the features written on the box. The Campark Act74 is inside of the box in its waterproof case, the box also contains a lot of different accessories as well as the charging cable

Should you buy it?

The ACT74 Campark has all the minimum features that an action camera needs, its great value-price camera, with the waterproof case it can record underwater, it can record slow-motion, you can record time-lapses and compatible with all GoPro accessories.

However being a low-budget sports camera, the image quality is not all that good, the sharpness is bad and the colors are too dull or too saturated. The stabilization is not that good either, we recommend buying a gimbal if you want perfectly smooth footage as we mentioned earlier. It can record up to 4K in 30 fps though and slow-motion.

We recommend this camera if you’re just getting started with an action camera or want a very low-budget sports camera since you’re not gonna get very high-quality footage if you want to be able to record with higher quality you need to be willing to spend more and buying a higher-end action camera, for example, the Yi 4K (Read Review), if you don’t want to spend that much maybe check out our best 10 GoPro alternatives blog check here!

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