Apexcam X60 PRO Review

Apexcam has released its new camera the Apexcam X60 Pro, an action camera capable of 4K resolution and slow-motion up to 240fps, pretty good battery time, and a lot of impressive specs! Apexcam is an action camera producer with some successful models especially on sites such as Amazon.

But before we talk about its features, what comes in the box of the Apexcam? Inside the box, we can find the Apexcam X60 Pro camera, a charger, an external microphone, a waterproof case, mounting accessories, and a manual.

In this blog post, your gonna find out everything you need to know about this new action camera from Apexcam, its new features, and some comparisons from other sports cameras. Is it worth buying it? Is the video quality good, what are the specs, good audio?


  4K Resolution up to 60fps

≫  EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

≫  Waterproof up to 40m with case

≫  Good image quality

≫  Pictures up to 20MP


  Some modules can’t go underwater

  Not great in low-light


The Apexcam X60 Pro has an elegant design with a ”typical” action camera look, it is well built with good quality plastics and it has nice black color. Its design is similar to older sports cams, having sharper sides and not being waterproof without the case, with a small screen on the back to see your recordings.

The dimensions of the Apexcam X60 Pro are 6 x 4 x 2.5 cm ( 2.3 x 1.6 x 1 in) and a weight of 470 grams. The Apexcam X60 Pro isn’t waterproof, to go underwater with it you must use the waterproof case which can go underwater up to 40m (130 feet) with a waterproof case.

On the front, we can see the lens of the sports cam and the power button, as for its buttons, there are 4, two on the side, to change settings, one on the top to start and stop recording or to take a picture, and one on the front to turn on and off the camera.

Technical Specifications

As for specs, the Apexcam X60 uses the Sony IMX386 sensor that allows it to record 4K 60fps, and 20MP photos using a 170° wide-angle lens with an opening of  f/2.8. It uses EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) which supports up to 4K, but it doesn’t work when recording at 100fps or more.

The Apexcam uses a Litio Ion battery with a capacity of 1350 mAh. The operating temperature for the battery is 0 to 40° C (32 to 104° F). The battery can last about 90 minutes.

In the back we can find the IPS 2″ color LCD with Live Preview and status, the screen is a decent size and allows you to see what we are filming, the screen is pretty responsive and easy to playback your videos or change settings.

The Audio Features of the Apexcam are 3.5mm Audio Mic Input with Media Mod for HERO10 Black. It can also capture RAW Audio Capture (.wav Format) and has Advanced Wind-Noise Reduction.

The Apexcam X60 also comes with a Wi-Fi connection, the app connects with the iSmart DV app to control the camera through your phone or control the camera with the 2.4G Wireless Remote Control.

The Apexcam uses SD cards to store pictures and videos which you can get separately. The Micro SD card must be U3 or higher with 8-128GB capacity. If “SD card error” appears, format your SD card as FAT32 on your computer.

  Video resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160p)

  Image  quality: 20MP

  Battery: 1350 mAh

  Frame rate: 30FPS/ 60FPS/ 120FPS/            240FPS

  EIS stabilization

  SD Card up to 128GB

  IPS touchscreen

≫  Size: 6 x 4 x 2.5 cm

  Underwater up to 40m

  Records in .mp4

  WiFi connection

≫  FOV: 170º wide angle

  Sensor: Sony IMX386


The Apexcam X60 Pro uses a Lithium 1350mAh 3.85V battery, which is quite good, the X60 Pro’s battery is able to record for about 100 minutes which is not as good as GoPro’s batteries. In the case of capturing 4K video, battery life will drop.

The batteries can work with temperatures from 0º to 40°C (32º to 104°F). The Apexcam comes with a charger that allows you to charge both batteries at the same time

The battery is situated on the bottom of the Apexcam, where there is a cover that gives access to the battery. The Apexcam X60 Pro comes with 2 batteries, whenever one runs out you can quickly change them and keep recording whenever the first one runs out.


Like most cheaper action cameras the Apexcam comes with 6-axis dynamic EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization, which will keep the footage stable and smooth while shooting sports and action scenes. The (EIS) stabilization can go up to resolutions from 720p HD to 4K video.

Even though the stabilization does a decent job at keeping your footage stable I recommend checking out a gimbal which will massively improve the stabilization, another great option is GoPro’s new action camera the Hero 10 (Click here for review), the best action camera yet and amazing stabilization.



As for the photography, Apexcam takes average-looking pictures similar to most budget sports cams. The pictures have natural colors and good resolution but poor dynamic range, which means if there is too much brightness the highlights will lose detail and the same goes for the shadows. The Apexcam X60 Pro can take pictures up to 20MP (4000 x 3000), thanks to the higher resolution we get good detail in the pictures.

The Apexcam X60 Pro comes with multiple settings you can easily change. The setting menu lets you change multiple settings such as the possibility to change the ISO, shutter speed, and the exposure time for those who like using manual settings to take pictures, but the auto mode works great as well.

For more action shots the Apexcam can take Burst pictures capable of shooting: 15/1, 30/1, 15/3,  30/3. And also take fast motion shots that supports 2x / 4x / 6x / 10x / 15x double speed.

For those who want to get Night pictures, Apexam has the ability to shoot at night with a long shutter speed which we can change to whatever we want. But in general, the Apexcam doesn’t produce great results at night.


Apexcam X60 Pro is capable to record up to 4K resolution at 60 fps and record up to 120 frames per second at 1080p, you have the option to change the resolution and framerate. The videos captured with this action camera are stored in MP4 (H.264).

The Apexacam X60 Pro has similar video quality to most sports cams of this budget, the quality is not great but pretty decent for its price,

The Apexcam X60 comes with a couple of color configurations: Brightness Mode, Natural Mode, B&W mode, and Retro mode.

With protune enabled you can switch between the different resolution and FPS options, we also have shutter speed control, ISO, sharpness, exposure compensation, color profile, and other adjustments that affect the sound or stabilization.


The audio of the Apexcam X60 Pro isn’t that great, the sound is average. The system consists of two microphone transmitters, a receiver, and an ultra-portable charging case.

The video resolutions of the Apexcam X60 Pro are the following:

  • 4K a 60fps/ 30fps/ 24fps
  • 1080P HD a 120fps/ 60fps/30fps 
  • 720P HD a 240fps/ 120fps/60fps/30fps/ 24fps


Like its predecessor, the Apexcam X60 Pro has multiple features to improve your videos and stand out. The X60 Pro does have a few new features and improved some from other Apexcam cameras.

Like most action cameras the Apexcam X60 Pro has the option to take Time Lapses with Photos or Video. A time-lapse allows us to be able to represent a situation in a much shorter period than in real-time.

Thanks to the iSmart DV app you can effortlessly capture, edit and share the highlights of any adventure. The application comes with multiple features and editing tools, all available at your fingertips!

If you are looking to improve the look of your photos and videos try using Presets + On-Screen Shortcuts, you can learn more about Presets and Lightroom presets by clicking here!

Should you buy it?

The Apexcam X60 Pro action camera is a great GoPro alternative for an affordable price, even being a medium-budget action camera it has pretty good video quality on its pictures and videos. It can record up to real 4K and 60fps with decent stabilization up to 4K resolution.

Most new sports cams come with almost no buttons and newer features such as front screens and touch screens, the Apexcam doesn’t have many of these new features and feels more like a classic action camera, which is something I would like to see Apexcam change on their cameras.

Apexcam X60 Pro sports cams are compatible with most GoPro accessories except for a few specifically made for GoPro. The batteries on the Apexcam X60 Pro are also pretty decent, it uses a 1350mAh which can last about 100min in 1080p.

The camera can also go underwater pretty deep up to 40m (130ft) with the case that came with it although it can go underwater without a case up to 10m too.

The Apexcam X60 Pro doesn’t produce the best quality of the image or the best stabilization out there but it does produce great results for its value and it’s a great GoPro alternative to get if that is what you are looking forIf you are looking for the best sports cameras in 2022 click here.

Review Breakdown

Video support up to 4K up to 60fps with EIS stabilization and pictures up to 20MP. 1350 mah battery which can last about 100 minutes. It can go underwater with the waterproof case up to 40m.

Video Quality
Battery Life