These presets are a must-have for anyone looking to grow on Instagram or bloggers who want to bring their everyday photos to the top. 

Learn about Presets

With Lightroom Presets you can quickly and easily improve your picture, Presets is a configuration of settings from Lightroom so you can achieve a certain look you are going for, for example getting rid of the greens in an underwater picture. Lightroom Presets are also easy to install and use, a How-To is provided with our presets.

To get the best result try shotting in more of a flat profile, but results will look good anyway. Even though there is a pack for different kinds of pictures don’t be afraid of mixing it up and using different presets of different kinds of pictures.

Every preset pack is different and every picture will look differently because of lighting and white balance settings, dominant colors, etc. If your photo doesn’t look perfect, you may need to make small adjustments to the preset, our pack comes with instructions if you needed to make these small adjustments.

The GoPro Pack is a pack specifically made to get pictures to achieve the best looks GoPro or any other action cameras can achieve and get those typical pictures we see on GoPro commercials (these Presets will also work well with pictures taken with other cameras).

The Underwater Pack will improve your pictures taken underwater, one of the main improvements of this black is the removal of the greenish color you get while shooting pictures underwater (these Presets will work with any underwater camera) the presets are also perfectly adjustable if you need to make small changes.

The Winter Presets or Snow presets are perfect to make your snowy picture stand out. It’s perfect for winter portraits and landscapes. This pack is will improve light, color, contrast, tone, and vibrancy in pictures.

The Jungle Presets or Forest Presets focus on getting great greens and amazing jungle colors to stand out from everyone else and take your pictures to the next level. With this pack, you will improve light, color, contrast, tone and vibrancy in photos. 

These 20 Lightroom Presets for Sunrise and Sunset pictures is a pack specifically made to get your pictures to look the best they can during golden hour and during sunrise and sunsets.

The 20 Lightroom Presets for Watersports is a pack specifically made to get pictures to enhance pictures related to watersports such as surfing, waterskiing, kayaking…

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Each preset pack is made for different types of pictures but don’t be scared of mixing it up and using different presets on different kind of pictures, you can also buy our preset packs and get more presets for a chapter price all together.



You can use these presets on any of your pictures. Do not resell or share the presets (as is or with adjustments).

Due to being a virtual product, we don’t accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations

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