GoPro Dome Review

The GoPro Dome is an amazing accessory to shoot pictures in the water, you can get astonishing over and under the water, effect with it and just improve your underwater photography in general.

So is this accessory for action cameras worth it? It’s definitely worth it, especially if you shoot a lot of videos and pictures underwater or on the surface. The waterproof Gopro dome lens keeps the water a little further away from the lens of the GoPro and makes it possible to capture images half underwater and half above water.

The GoPro Dome is a hemisphere which integrates your action camera inside of it, there are different types of designs for it, in some designs you can insert your action camera inside the dome without having to remove the lens, but depends which dome you get you might wanna have to remove the lens of your GoPro or you will have to place the GoPro with its housing.

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How to use it

First of all, to get started on your dome you should practice some to get good at it since you probably won’t get your perfect shot the first time you use it.

If you are shooting completely underwater you will have no problem and you can just dive in with your dome and get better improved underwater videos and pictures, shooting with the dome underwater will give you a better depth of field and wider-angle shot-creating high-quality images and videos.

Tips on how to get the best results

The light on which you are shooting is very important since it can change your picture completely depending on what time you are shooting and how much sunlight you have. Sunshine and sunset are a great time to shoot with your action camera above water but below the water, you are gonna get a very dark underwater picture.

The best time to shoot with the dome is around mid-day when the sunlight is very bright and you’ll get amazing results above and underwater.

Clear and calm water, shooting videos or pictures when the water isn’t clear or is very shaky will not give you great results if you shoot a picture in a murky, not clear water you will have a good above water part but a bad underwater picture, so I recommend to shoot in clear water. When the water is very shaky and not calm at all will also give you problems, since your gonna find it difficult to find the right sport to get that 50 – 50 underwater and above water picture that you want.

Get a cover to not get scratches, getting a cover is definitely worth it since you can easily drop it and get a scratch, with the cover protecting it, it will prevent scratches and damage that could cost you the whole product.

How to mount the GoPro to the dome

On most domes the installation is pretty easy, you don’t need to remove the lens or buy any extra items. You can just insert your GoPro on the case on the back of the dome, snap it closed and that is all you need to do for the action camera.

After that, you need to set up the stick holder which is easy to do as well

Tips to keep your dome on it’s best shape

  • Factory Hydrostatic Water Pressure Test to make sure it’s waterproof ability. But for the first time use, it’s suggested you test in water without your camera to check the Dome and Housing Case are not broken or doesn’t have a leak.
  • Remember always rinse the dome with fresh water after every use in saltwater and make sure there is no dirt, sand, hair or other debris along with the rubber gasket of the housing.
  • Remember to wear a soft bag when you do not use this dome. To protect this transparent dome from dust and scratches!
  • Don’t forget to install the Anti-fog insert to prevents lens fog in cold and humid environments.

Which what action cameras it is compatible

You can find multiple GoPro domes like the name indicates (GoPro Domes) most of them are made only for GoPro, and the original brand of the GoPro dome, GDOME makes domes only for GoPro aswell. But you can find domes for some action cameras such as a dome made for the DJI Osmo Pocket.

You can also find a dome for the older GoPro cameras such as fits GoPro HERO3, GoPro HERO3+, and GoPro HERO4 cameras.

Our recommended GoPro Domes

What are our top recommended domes? We’ve gather some information and made a small list of great GoPro domes that will work great with you.


This is the original GoPro Dome and its amazing quality, its compatible with the Hero 7, Hero 6 and Hero 5 Black. It’s individually pressure tested to 40m underwater, drastic Focal Length Improvement For Underwater Shots.

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Vicdozia Telesin 6 inches Dome Port Lens

This is another great dome, specially designed for GoPro Hero7 Black, Hero7 White, Hero7 Silver, Hero6 Black, Hero5 Black, and GoPro Hero(2018) in underwater photography, to provide superior optical performance. It also comes with a soft bad to prevent from scratches.

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D&F 3 in 1 Underwater Dome Port Waterproof Housing Cover Case

This amazing dome comes with a built-in 10X magnifier and Red Filter for GoPro HERO7 Black, Hero 6, Hero 5 and Hero(2018). It’s can go up to 30m/98ft underwater. It comes with, 1 x 6” Dome port,1 x Handheld Grip, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x Anti-fog insert (pack),1 x and a Water-resistant Bag. Increase the choice of a magnifying glass, can shoot small creatures without worry about disturbing them, it also comes with a Red filter fix underwater color, capture vivid tropical fish and colorful coral. (3 modes Normal/Red Filter/Magnifier can be switch freely)

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Other Useful accessories to have for your dome

Anti-fog inserts. These anti-fog inserts are used to prevent the action camera from fogging inside the case. You can use them in cold or humid climates to avoid excess moisture building up on your lens and inside the GoPro housing. Inserts can be used multiple times. To remove the absorbed moisture simply bake in an oven at 300F for 5 minutes. Made with high-quality material.

Water Droplet Preventor For GDOME: With this product, you are able to make water drops wash of your GoPro dome, add a few drops onto your GDome and spread it with a clean hand. Dunk the GDome into the water, washing off the gel. Add one more coat and let it dry for at least two hours. With this method, you won’t have any water droplets on your GDome or GoPro when shooting your favorite shots! 

GoPro Dome Case: Getting a case is important since you can easily drop it and get a scratch, with the cover protecting it, it will prevent scratches and damage that could cost you the whole product.