Can you use an action camera for vlogging?

Recently action cameras have become more popular for vlogging, especially with the new GoPro Hero 8 which you are able to buy mods for it, including an LCD display screen to vlog, and the GoPro Hero Max which comes with a vlogging mode.

So, can you use an action camera for vlogging? Yes, you can but not all of them will give you good results, in terms of the video quality of audio. In this blog, I have chosen mt best picks for vlogging with an action camera to give you the best results.

Most vloggers use mainly YouTube to post their content, although there are others widely used such as Vimeo or DailyMotion. It is recommended that videos do not exceed about 10-12 minutes to maintain user attention. Every day we see more people who choose to publish vlogs on social media, where they share their opinions and views on random things that may be interesting for viewers.

Which camera to use?

Before buying any action camera, you need to know that not all of them will work or produce good results, here’s a look at some of the features that we need to be able to have to make vlogging videos.

Video quality: the video quality is pretty important nowadays, we give a lot of importance to the quality of the videos we watch on the internet. Not only does the resolution have to be at least a minimum of 1080p up, but it is also advisable to have up to 60 fps or more if we plan to edit the clips in slow motion.

An external microphone: Most action cameras don’t have very good audio so it’s always very useful if you buy an action camera with an external microphone input so you can connect an external microphone and get great quality audio, although GoPro has managed to improve the audio a lot thanks to dispensing with the external case, and with the new shotgun mic on the new GoPro Hero 8 (Click Here to check out review). Most GoPro models have an external microphone input, except the simplest or light versions such as the GoPro 7 Silver and White or the old Session.


One of the main features on the Hero 8 is Hypersmooth 2.0, and improved EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) from Hero 7. It also has changed a few things on its design and added a few more places to mount accessories and mod it. It has also improved the timewarp making the “timewarp 2.0”.

The audio is one of the most improved things on Hero 8. They have put a new mic in front of the camera that captures really good audio and it’s also wind-optimized to keep the audio better.


Record video with a single lens, hyper-stabilized and with HERO style video footage, or capture amazing 360° video content. You can also Vlog with the MAX, with the selfie screen and audio as if you were using a cannon microphone.

The Max Vlogging mode is very useful, record yourself and with the 6 built.microphone you will get awesome vlogs and be able to tell your story in 360 degrees.


The GoPro Hero Black version, which has the same custom processor of GoPro last camera (GoPro Hero 6), offers 4K video capture at up to 60 frames per second, super slow motion up to 240 frames per second, and a suite of new features like live-streaming, a Hyper lapse-style time-lapse mode, and the most significant of these, the HyperSmooth, a form of video stabilization that GoPro ranks as being the equivalent to using a gimbal.

The GoPro can record videos at 4K resolution with a maximum frame rate of 60 frames per second. If we reduce the resolution we can increase it up to 240 fps.


DJI is a leading manufacturer and already settled in the market. The DJI Osmo Pocket achieves great results and has a built-in gimbal and can shoot up to 4K video and still images in a variety of shooting modes. The camera is housed inside a three-axis gimbal which keeps footage steady even as you’re doing the walk and talk.

It can record up to 4k 60fps and can last 140minutes. Osmo Pocket is aimed at everyone who has a story to tell. For that reason, DJI also developed DJI Mimo. This specialized application will allow you to explore the limits of your imagination thanks to its editing tools and templates.


The Yi 4K + is the first camera capable of recording video at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second and is one of the few that in 4K to 25p mode allows using the integrated electronic stabilizer.

This action camera is a high-end camera in today’s action cam market, it has definitely been a success; it can record in 4K quality at 60fps and then apply a slow-motion when being edited, getting very professional shots. The image and audio quality are very good, almost at the height of the GoPro Hero 6 with which we have been able to compare it. And this Yi is also cheaper than Hero 6 and the results are similar.

Best settings

The settings you choose are important to getting good footage, it also depends on what action camera you are using since the settings might be a little different. The first thing to keep in mind is that the more resolution, the greater the space that the videos will occupy us and the more battery our camera will spend. However, if we plan to edit them in postproduction, zoom or slow motions, then it will be necessary to capture as much detail as possible.

In case we want to take some slow-motion shots, the minimum frames per second you should be using is 60 fps (or at 120 fps / 240 fps for better results). The 4k is a resolution that takes up a lot of space but is ideal for making cinematic shots and capturing the stage with great detail, not all action cameras have 4k at 60fps.

I recommend using 2.7K 60fps or 4K 60 fps for vlogging. Most action cameras have the option of changing the field of view, changing this view to linear will give you the average camera look without any distortion, if you want to the typical GoPro fish-eye keep it in wide-angle.

External microphone

The audio is an essential part of vlogging, and it’s where a lot of action cameras, especially low-end cheap action cameras don’t do well. These last years we have seen action cameras such as the new GoPro Hero 8 improve their audio a lot, which is a great step forward in the right direction, but sometimes the camera’s audio is not good enough or maybe we want a little (for example the ones we picked above).


GoPro Hero 8 Mods: The new GoPro Hero 8 has made a unique design on its camera. Hero 8 enables you to mod out the camera with a microphone on it’s top left, 3.5mm mic and HDMI-out ports, and two cold-shoe mounts—all in one. A display screen on the top, a flip-up screen for framing your shots—so you can vlog a lot easier.

GoPro 3-Way Grip: This 3-way grip selfie stick measures 20inches when fully extended collapses to 7.5inches, it’s waterproof designed for use in and out of water. It can be used as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod for ultra versatility and a variety of shots. The handle doubles as a grip, it can be detached from the arm and used as a lightweight camera grip

The 3-way grip also comes with a tripod stored inside the handle that can be removed and used on its own or combined with the handle.

GoPro 3-Way Grip (Amazon):

50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit: This pack comes with 50 different accessories all compatible with most action cameras, for example, GoPro, Yi, Gitup and many more brands. 

Floaters, chest mounts, bike mounts, a tripod and more come with this pack. A lot of different accessories for different activities designed for all sorts of different purposes, We’ve reviewed this pack, and show you why this is a must-have as a beginner or amateur.

50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit (Amazon):

Large Carrying Case: With this large carrying case, you can keep your cameras and accessories safe when you go skiing, protected and organized. Waterproof and shockproof. It measures 12.79×8.54×2.55 inches.

Whatever the adventure may be, experience peace of mind and ultimate convenience with this GoPro large case. It keeps your GoPro cameras and must-have accessories securely stored, neatly organized, and impeccably protected.

Thoughtfully designed with a high-quality EVA foam interior, the large case provides a perfectly shaped compartments that neatly contain essential GoPro components.

Large Carrying Case (Amazon):

Gimbal: A gimbal is a motorized platform and is controlled by a plate with several sensors. The gimbal is the ultimate stabilizer of cameras. So when you are recording a video, it will be perfectly smooth. You can easily move and record without having to worry that the footage obtained will not be stable.

This is perfect so recording some awesome skiing videos perfectly smooth and cinematic. Build-in 4000 mAh battery provides 12H long running time. What’s more, the gimbal can also be used as a power bank & charge your camera by the USB power output port.

Gimbal (Amazon):

Batteries: The batteries on most action cameras don’t last a long time in general, with some exceptions, so knowing how to change the battery on one or getting an extra battery for it is a great idea.

Read our blog about batteries:

We hope this blog was helpful and you’ve found the answers you were looking for, don’t forget to check out our other blogs!