Top TIPS For Shooting GoPro Videos

Taking videos on an action camera such as a GoPro for the first time can let you down, or any other action camera, the footage probably didn’t look as good as how you expected them to be, such as in the commercials. You can use GoPro’s video modes and a few tips to achieve the best videos.

Most cameras have multiple settings to mess with which help videographers get great-looking videos, action cameras don’t have many settings, and some settings are better left on automatic, but GoPro does have Protune which gets you access to extra settings and gives you a bit better quality. 

In this blog post, I’ve put together multiple tips for shooting GoPro videos so you can take your videos to the next level.

Choosing the resolution

Like most sports cams GoPro lets you access the video resolutions, for maximum quality, you will normally record in 4K, but if you are looking to get slow-motion shots, you will need to lower your resolution.

GoPro also allows us to change the aspect ratio which is the ratio between the width and height of an image. 4:3 aspect ratio looks more like a square while the 16:9 is the classic wider image look.


Using the best settings

  • FOV depends on what you’re going for, we recommend using Wide for good resolution and image quality, but you can also shoot linear for more typical camera looks.
  • Stabilization I recommend turning stabilization on Auto since GoPro’s Hypersmooth will do a great job at keeping your videos stable.
  • Shutter on Auto
  • EV Comp 0.5
  • White Balance Auto
  • ISO Min 100
  • ISO Max 400
  • Sharpness Low
  • Color Flat
  • RAW Audio if you want the RAW audio of your video you can set it, if not leave the RAW Audio on Off
  • Mics Stereo

Battery Life

Another useful tip when going somewhere with a GoPro is to carry extra batteries so you can quickly exchange the first battery for a fully charged one. You will also need a good SD card to store all your pictures and have enough space.

If you want to get an extra battery we recommend getting the originally produced battery from the brand, as they are the ones that perform the best and last the longest, even though the white brand’s ones might cost a little less.

Using Accessories

You can find endless accessories for your action camera, to enjoy the experience from different angles and better footage.

If you just bought a GoPro or a different brand action camera, but you haven’t made the most of it when you go skating or snowboarding with your friends, you may not know many of the possibilities that accessories can give you.

The selfie stick is one of the most popular accessories to use with a GoPro, the selfie sticks offer new film opportunities such as being able to record yourself with unique angles, the stick will also help stabilize the video a bit.

Another popular accessory is the helmet/chest mount to record your POV (Point Of View) from your head or from your chest.

Underwater Videos

Shooting underwater isn’t much different so you don’t have to change most of the settings. Try not to be shaky and stay stabilized when shooting underwater videos, that is one of the main causes of why videos don’t come up as good.

If you are capturing a faster-moving object or animal and want to get the perfect picture to try using the Burst with the same settings. Most action cameras already come with waterproof cases, but newer action cameras such as GoPro, This is why you should consider getting a waterproof case for your GoPro or making sure your action camera’s case can go as deep as you would like to on deeper dives up to 30m.


Plan Your Videos

A good tip to get better pictures is as simple as taking a moment to plan your picture and visualize how it might look, try and use a gimbal if available, it will help get steady pictures. Try to find a good composition for your picture.

GoPro and most action cameras come with an LCD screen which will help you see what the final image will look like you can use that to your advantage.

Get a Unique Picture Angle

Action cameras are very easy to carry anywhere since they are small and light, you can use that to your advantage, and use take pictures of places you couldn’t reach with a bigger camera.

Having an entire video with the same perspective can also get boring, try and get more interesting short clips to make the video a lot more interesting to watch.

Accessories will help a lot when trying to find new perspectives and angles to film in.

Use the Weather and Time to your Advantage

The best time to take pictures is when the weather is clear and you are getting a lot of sunlight, or in the golden hour which is the time when we can see the sunrise or sunset.

The golden hour: the golden hour is an expression used in the world of photography, it happens in the first hours of sunlight, the sunrise, and the last hours of light of the day, the sunset.


Get the Best Sound

The microphone on GoPro is pretty good for being a built-in action camera mic. But GoPro does allow you to use an external microphone to get better audio quality. if you want to get good audio it’s a good idea to invest in a good external GoPro microphone.

GoPro also has an audio setting change between stereo audio capture and wind noise filtering to attain the best balance of sound.


Use LUTs to Stand Out

LUTs are a great addition to your pictures, easy and fast to use, and will give you great-looking results. For a Blogger, LUTs are a great way to get your pictures on another level and stand out from everyone.

Every LUTpack is different and every picture will look differently because of lighting and white balance settings, dominant colors, etc. If your photo doesn’t look perfect, you may need to make small adjustments to the LUTs.

We hope this blog has been useful and provided the answers you were looking for, if you liked this blog check out our tips on how to get better GoPro pictures (Click Here).